Sherri Morrow

Immediate Past President

Sherri was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and has a BA in Psychology from Lindenwood College. She relocated to Las Vegas in 1997 continuing her work in medical recruitment before transitioning into pharmaceutical sales. Sherri now promotes all-natural health and skincare products with Plexus Worldwide. Sherri is passionate about her role as a solo parent to children Bella and Jack, to their academic and athletic endeavors and to their development and success in life. She is a tenacious advocate for others, especially women and children who struggle with abuse, neglect, and mental health. It is her desire to help others find strength and navigate a path to a more peaceful, stable, happy future. This is Sherri’s 5th year as a member of CCMSA and her 4th year on the Board. She has served as 1st Vice President Membership, President Elect, President,
and currently serves as Immediate Past President. Sherri was Fashion Show Co-Chair for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Additionally Sherri serves as Co-President for Nevada State Medical Association Alliance and the Alliance with Nevada State Medical Association. In her free time Sherri enjoys hiking, skiing, music, gathering with others,
discovering new restaurants, and playing games.

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