Dinah Goldenberg

Recording Secretary

Dinah relocated to Las Vegas in October 2020 from North Dakota. Her husband Jay, a Radiologist, retired early so they could enjoy the beautiful
outdoors of Nevada and the surrounding area. She joined the CCSMA board with extensive leadership experience. She
has served at all levels of the Alliance, including County President (Fargo), State President (ND) and 3 years as AMA Alliance Director. She also
served 7 years on the board of the Alliance Health Education Initiative (AHEI) serving both as Treasurer and Board Chair. Dinah was an elected
member of the Fargo Public Schools – School Board for twelve years. In addition, she served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Fargo Film Festival and continues to be a jury chair. All of her extended volunteer efforts are focused on education and health initiatives. Born in Winnipeg Canada, Dinah has a Degree in Civil Engineering. She opted to be a stay at home mother to her two sons, which allowed her endless opportunities for community service. This year Dinah will be taking her skills to all three levels of the Alliance as Recording Secretary for CCSMA, ANSMA/NVSMAA and AMAA.

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